Energy and nuclear power references

TVO Oy, 2011-ongoing
Nuclear power plant OL3 inspection engineer

TVO Oy, 2011–2015
Nuclear power plant OL3: structural inspections in Germany, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland

TVO Oy, 2011–2017
Nuclear power plants OL1 and OL2: regular inspections of pressure equipment, quality inspections

Fortum Oy Loviisa nuclear power plant, 2016-ongoing
Performance of annual maintenance periodic inspections and structural inspections

Under DEKRA accreditation 2013–2023
Quality and product certifications

Under DEKRA accreditation 2011–2023
Periodic inspections of pressure equipment

Borealis Polymers Oy, 2021
I stopped work planning and installation supervision

Oil and gas references

Neste Jacobs Oy / NES Oy, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2019–2021
Inspection Engineer/Supervisor

Neste Oil Oy, 2012, 2017
Downtime work planning and supervisor work

UPM Kymmene Oy, Lappeenranta Bio-Diesel refinery, 2018
Installation and contractor supervision

Offshore references

Statoil 2013-ongoing
Speeding up the delivery of components to the coastal industry of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Third party inspections included mechanical completions, FAT tests, ATEX inspections and final inspections.

DONG, 2014–2015
Technip offshore, welding coordination

TEN P4, Ghana 2014-2015
Technip offshore, Quality control coordination

Anardako truss mast frame 2012–2013
Technip offshore, Pori, Finland, quality coordination, inspections

Flotation tanks and piles (Exxon/Mobil) 2011–2012
Technip offshore, Pori, Finland, quality coordination and inspection

Marine and other industrial references

Jukova Oy 2011-ongoing
Inspection of welding and parts of railway vehicles and components according to EN 15085-2.

STX-Finland Oy 2012-2013
Welding and inspection facility > welding engineer and welding coordinator, welding supervisor, welding inspection, etc.

Meyer Turku Oy 2015–2016
Welding coordination and inspections