Inspection and certification

Our widely qualified and experienced personnel work in various inspection and certification tasks.

Inspection services

Indewe QC Oy performs periodical inspections of registered pressure equipment and structural inspections of pressure equipment during manufacture, as well as welders’ qualifications and approval of welding methods in accordance with the requirements of the PED directive as an external resource of DEKRA Industrial Oy and subject to this accreditation.

Periodic inspections ensure the operational safety of the pressure equipment. Inspections prevent accidents caused by the deterioration of materials such as steel (corrosion, cracks, etc.) caused by operating conditions, contents or the environment. Other factors affecting safety are also checked. These include, for example, the qualification of the supervisor, backup supervisors and users of the pressure equipment, the solutions and reliability of safety equipment and systems, such as automation, and the condition of external structures.

Certification services

Our experienced chief assessors perform management system and product certifications under the accreditation of DEKRA Industrial Oy.

EN 1090-1 Load-bearing steel and aluminum structures

EN 1090-2 Product certificate for, for example, surface treatment

EN 13084-7 Free-standing chimneys

EN 15085 Welding of rail vehicles and components

ISO 3834 Welding quality control