Supplier reviews

In subcontracting, the supply chain is of great importance to the quality of the final product. Buying is easy. Easier than doing it yourself – Or is it? In practice, the buyer must build a communication, production and supply chain that works at least as well as what is needed for the products’ own production.

The supplier evaluation helps to determine the shortcomings of the production and supply chain and the necessary areas of development right from the beginning of the cooperation. In the beginning, the supplier evaluation can be used

Companies are obliged to monitor and certify an externally produced product or service as part of the supplier selection process. During the cooperation, the main focus of supplier evaluations is on identifying the root causes of deviations that cause problems and on continuous improvement of operations.

Audits of suppliers and subcontractors consist of audit planning, dimensioning, implementation, reporting and follow-up measures. The planning and targeting of audits and the selection of companies to be audited are carried out in cooperation with the client. In addition to management and production control, the audits focus especially on technical evaluation (welding, pressure equipment manufacturing, metal working, preliminary products, surface treatment, assembly). The end result of a successful supplier audit is a comprehensive picture of the supplier’s operations, the ability to produce products that meet the requirements, and possible problem areas in the various stages of production.