Technical advisory and coordination services

Welding coordination

We help our customers e.g. in welding and material engineering in damage analyses, repair plans and their monitoring. The personnel of Indewe QC Oy have several IW qualifications (IWE, IWI, IWT, IWS) and a wide range of welding experience. As a welding and material technical service, we also perform damage analyses, as well as drawing up related repair plans and supervising repair work.

We perform a welding coordination service for our customer companies, which includes:

the coordination needs mapping of the company’s welding operations

construction of the welding quality system

continuous coordination of welding operations

qualification test planning

qualification examination supervision

maintenance of all welding registers

method experiment design

method test supervision

WPQR documentation

organizing the required inspections (NDT and DT).

the preparation of welding instructions

mapping the development targets of welding operations

making development plans

Management system services

We serve our customers in assignments related to the preparation/construction of quality systems, e.g. ISO 9001, EN 3834, EN 1090, and in the implementation of the company according to needs. If necessary, we also offer comprehensive maintenance and management of the quality system (Quality Manager Services). We help our customers build and maintain different operational systems, and together with the company we conduct management reviews, internal audits and supplier audits.