Quality Control

Our widely qualified and experienced staff handles quality control and manufacturing control tasks in different fields and in different projects.

Indewe QC performs manufacturing and periodical inspections of pressure equipment. We qualify welders in accordance with the PED directive under the accreditation of DEKRA Industrial Oy.


Quality assurance and delivery control

Qualified QC inspectors handle quality control and delivery control tasks as the customer's representative in different fields and in different projects.


Customized training packages in the fields of welding, steel structures, inspection, quality control, audits / certifications

Inspection and certification

Our widely qualified and experienced personnel work in various inspection, qualification and certification­tasks.​​

Technical advisory and coordination services

Services related to welding coordination, material technical issues and building quality systems

Supplier reviews

In the evaluations of suppliers and the subcontracting chain, we delve into the technical know-how in production

Construction services

Indewe QC Oy Rakennustekniset palvelut offers building inspection and expert services in the Northern Finland region.

Energy and nuclear power – Oil and gas – Offshore – Marine and other industry

We are looking for quality assurance personnel. The training suitable for the position is the training of a technician or engineer confirmed by IWS, IWT, IWE or IWI training.