Quality assurance and delivery control

Our widely qualified and experienced personnel work in different areas and in different projects in quality assurance and delivery control tasks. We determine the scope of inspection and supervision according to the scope and challenge of the project in cooperation with the customer. If necessary, our inspectors-supervisors even carry out daily on-site supervision. All our inspectors-supervisors are qualified, experienced and trained professionals to successfully perform inspection and supervision tasks according to the customer’s needs

Indewe QC Oy's delivery supervisor supervises the progress of the delivery as the customer's representative

Delivery control (expediting) is an important part of the company’s procurement process and purchasing activities. Delivery supervision ensures that every stage of production is monitored and reviewed. The delivery supervisor ensures that customer requirements are met: the supplier acts as specified in the order confirmation. Few projects go from start to finish as planned. Delivery control’s task is to take care of change management. Our delivery supervisors make sure that all parties are aware of the changes. With the help of supervision, possible deviations from the contract can be identified in advance, and thus corrective measures can also be initiated early enough.

Delivery control planning

It is important to make a delivery control plan for every project.
Indewe QC Oy’s staff helps ensure that the plan includes everything essential
such as schedule, cost, material management, logistics, production inspection and
test plans with scheduled checkpoints.

Delivery control reporting

The QC inspector reports on the supplier’s performance and monitors the realization of costs, quality and schedule. Regular and quick reporting ensures proactive delivery control and prevents possible deviations from occurring. In critical deliveries, it is advisable to use the constant presence of a QC inspector in the field. Unfortunately, the situation is often that if the supplier is not present, the delivery does not proceed according to the desired schedule. Problems in delivery projects are mostly due to misunderstanding of delivery requirements and poor communication between the supplier and the buyer.